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How to Build an Impactful Creative Business

Without Burning Out

You can watch youtube videos, listen to podcasts, or even go back to school as much as you want, but all of those activities are missing the key ingredient that will prepare you to run a business.

If you are here, I would venture to guess you have already done these things - so if they could truly prepare you to be the leader you need to be, wouldn't you already be successful doing so?

We all have dreams when we are younger -

even that dream from this weekend when you got another new idea that would be an incredible addition to the business you've been envisioning in your head for the last three years.

Your lack of business knowledge is not stopping you.

Your lack of time is not stopping you.

Your lack of prominence in your field is not stopping you.

These are just the excuses your brain feeds you to hide the real non-starter.

Fear. Insecurity. Anxiety.

They are all the same thing, showing up in different ways:

You feel like an imposter when you do try to create

You're embarrassed to show off your brain or your work

Guilt appears when you reflect on what you are doing professionally and it doesn't serve enough people or who it really needs to serve

Anxiety arises as you think about the overwhelmingness of trying to get from where you are right now to the future you have so vividly dreamed in your head so many times -

It seems impossible to get there.

I promise you, building a business is the easy part.

You may be thinking "Well, I know the statistics. 50% of businesses fail in the first five years!"

50% of entrepreneurs don't have the mental and emotional capability of sustaining a leadership role.

And many many many more do not have the mental and emotional capability of even getting past the fear of starting.

You need two things to be a successful entrepreneur -

  1. Confidence
  2. A willingness to fail

And both of these can not be gained if FEAR IS IN CONTROL.

I Want to be in Control

So to build an impactful creative business, you have to shift paradigms, release insecurities, scarcity, and limiting beliefs. 

I help you do this through Metacognitive Reprocessing.


THE FIRST STEP to building a creative business with impact is to Develop an Entrepreneur's Mindset

A Mindset without insecurity, scarcity, or limiting beliefs.

Let's Find Out What is Really Holding Me Back

Of course, that is the work you need to do to allow you to be in a space mentally and emotionally to bring something good to the world.

A business, of course, doesn't just get pulled out of the ground -

You have to nurture it, which means you have to have the patience and mental foundations for your business that will allow you to get from point A all the way through the alphabet to point Z.


How many times have you started your day or week with a big idea in mind,

something you were extremely excited about to the point that there was no way that the world could stop you from working on it...

...and then the day (or weekend) ends...

and you never really did much for it.

There are mental foundations that come from you - the leader - that a business needs to be successful.

  • Goal Setting
  • Focus
  • Structure
  • Momentum

If you don't know how to create and sustain any one of these four points,

You WILL fail.

The exciting thing is that these are very easy to practice - but most people aren't willing to put in the work for their dreams.

I AM - I'll Put in the Work

Most people pass over the mindset and mental foundations work and go straight to trying to sell their product or service.

Obviously, there are some missed foundations to that too.

No one is going to buy from you if they don't know who you are.

And they can't know who you are unless you know who they are.

I see creatives miss this step so often.

You burn out so quickly because you think no one wants what you are offering.

You put so much time and energy into bringing it to the world, and for what?

I'll tell it to you straight.

You put in the wrong work.

There are billions of people out there and at least 3% of them would buy in to your offer -

but do you know what you're ACTUALLY selling?

Do you know who that 3% is?

I Know I'm Missing Opportunities

If you can't be clear about what you have to offer and who you are offering it to, 

you won't be able to get it to the people who matter or create longevity in your business.

Once you are able to identify those people,

and create the relationships, services, and products that matter to the world,

then you get to develop repeatable systems that allow you to make an impact on more people 

while giving you more energy to do what you do best - create and lead.

I Want to Make an Impact

The most difficult task of a creative leader is to fight burn out.

To do this effectively, you must create strong boundaries, allowing for adequate amount of time for ALL of your needs,

and not allowing yourself to get stuck in the loop of overworking - overwhelming - overcompensating. 

To be able to help others, you first must help yourself by nurturing your own growth and relationships.

To keep momentum once you have it, it is important to have the tools that will allow you to invest in positive relationships with yourself, others, your environment, and your work,

as well as the tools that will allow you to mitigate the negative impact of experiences that do not serve you.

I Keep Burning Out

Now, if you have made it to the point where your creative business is finding success and creating impact - but you're still a creative and money scares you, 

I can help with that too.

Let's Talk Money

I am in Control of my Brain, my Life, and my Business.


If you aren't feeling in control, or you are feeling stuck, you have two options:

  1. Continue to suffer.
  2. Take matters into your own hands.

Click the button below if you are ready to choose better. No good is going to come to those who choose to continue suffering.

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