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The truly free individual is free only to the extent of their own self-mastery.

Steven Pressfield

Hi, I'm Ryan Hance

Metacognitive Problem Solver and Business Designer

My Brain is a Very Fun Place to Be


But this has not always been the case. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in eighth grade. EIGHTH GRADE! 13 years old!! I was depressed for the entirety of my high school experience and most of college. When I finally hit my breaking point, I knew there were only two ways forward:

  1. Continue to suffer.
  2. Figure out how to be better.

It was at this point that I discovered my first lesson; To become better, I had to intentionally choose to be better. I knew that to be better, I couldn't continue to let my negative emotions and limiting beliefs dictate my daily life. I needed to take charge of whatever was going on in my brain. I have been studying neuropsychology, emotional intelligence, and ancient philosophy ever since, and I haven't been depressed for over five years.

On top of depression (sadness), neither frustration (anger), anxiety (fear), shame, guilt, hurt, or numbness control my mind anymore, and because they don't control my mind, they don't control my life. Everything I do and create is with the purpose of helping you become the change you want to see in yourself and the world. All change starts with the brain, and your brain is the future of your business.

Let's get you enjoying that noggin of yours, so your creativity can truly run free.

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Who is in control of your choices right now? You? Or your emotions?


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