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EQ Book Club

EQ Book Club

Hosted by: AG Sage

Don’t worry. It’s not an actual book club (mostly). You don’t need to keep up with any reading. I am just here to make mindfulness more accessible to us younger generations. Season 1 in the books. Follow me...

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The Actual Book Club: March

Welcome to EQ Book Club: The Actual Book Club.  In this special episode of EQBC:TABC, we chat about The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. All you need to know is that even if you haven't read the book, you are...
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Holistic Thinking w/ Ricardo Martins

Episode #13

Today I am joined by GENIUS!! Ricardo Martins happens to have the most design awards in the United States, yet he is actually Brazilian. I think that is pretty damn cool. We break down what design approaches do to the...
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I Love You, Man w/ Ashley and Eric

Welcome to Don't Forget to Be a Human! The new weekly episode of wholesomeness that relieves you from the exhaustion of the mental processing I put yall through earlier in the week. It is a great day for a day full of...
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Being with Yourself w/ Causing the Effect

Episode #12

Listen to me and Scott Gazzoli of the Causing the Effect Podcast become friends in this very entertaining episode about the New York mentality, brain waves and binaural audio, and sensory deprivation float tanks. The...
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Accountability (AudioBlog 2)

Where does control come from? How do you stay accountable to yourself? And who are you responsible for? Join me to think about accountability, responsibility, and control.
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Control and Perception w/ Josh Perry

Episode #11

Josh is an ex-professional BMX athlete and five time brain tumor survivor. Josh and I get pretty damn fired up about people's perceptions of control in their life. If I told you any more, I'd be ruining the episode....
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Cultural Intelligence w/ Dr. Imani Scott

Episode #10

I have the honor of being joined by one of the great thinkers and communicators of our time, Dr. Imani Scott to discuss my experience of the great city of Atlanta, cultural intelligence, and the exciting opportunity...
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Responsibility in the Workplace w/ Ryan Phillips

Episode #9

What are we responsible for in our work environment? Ryan and Ryan reminisce on their pain-filled months working in small team startups this past summer, and what these experiences meant for their emotional...
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Story and Dreams w/ Mary Doll

Episode #8

Click below if you have any interest in your personal hero's journey!Link to Retreat Interest FormProfessor Emerita Mary Doll joins me to do what all great thinkers do; tell stories. We discover why storytelling is so...
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Emotional Intelligence w/ Mike Lindsay

Episode #7

FINALLY! The episode that explains what the fuck emotional intelligence is!Here are some topics we dive into:Performance vs Potential in LeadershipThe Four Components of Emotional IntelligenceNecessity of Being Able...
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Intrinsic Motivation w/ Sam Kalk

Episode #6

Find joy and peace in this new year through learning (about yourself and the things that excite you).In this episode, People Management Expert Sam Kalk and I discuss:How to Love LearningIntrinsic...
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Familiar Experiences (AudioBlog 1)

I promise you need to hear at least one part of this. I give you some thinking about how to view experiences that may feel nauseatingly familiar to you and wrap up with some Do's and Don't's of going home for the...
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