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Judaism w/ Rabbi Baruch Hecht

Episode #20

My relationship to Judaism is not what you might expect with an episode title like this. I have been trying to steer my guests away from Judaism since I started this podcast, but that has caused me to live inauthentically within this space. Judaism was a driving force for my curiosity and ability to challenge the status quo growing up, so I decided to dive head first into the topic and how this culture brings about a narrative of mental and emotional healing and growth. Jump in to this episode if you are trying to cultivate curiosity, no matter what your faith background is.


  • The Three Primary Powers of the Mind (Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding)
  • The Seven Primary Powers of the Heart (Loving Kindness, Strength, Harmony, Endurance, Humility, Bonding, Service of Others)
  • Listening Deeply
  • The Jewish Afterlife