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Self-Determined Education w/ Miriam Swords Kalk

Episode #22

My guest today is Miriam Swords Kalk, sister of our guest from Episode 6, Sam Kalk. This episode is a connection between some of the favorite subjects of previous episodes like Self-Determination Theory which we talked about with Sam, education which we have discussed with a lot of guests like Episode 14 with Coach Rudy, contextualized in human-centered design Ricardo Martins, Episode 13. All this to say… I am just very excited for this culmination of information.

Link to Walk In My Shoes Paper - recontextualizing the future of education with a Self-Determination Theory lens over the system.


  • Putting the People Who You are Serving First
  • Redesigning Education Systems
  • Equity Oriented Systems Redesign
  • Rethinking Degree Structures for a Modern Workforce
  • Agency - Belonging - Growth
  • People Retention