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EQ Book Club

EQ Book Club

Hosted by: AG Sage

Don’t worry. It’s not an actual book club (mostly). You don’t need to keep up with any reading. I am just here to make mindfulness more accessible to us younger generations. Season 1 in the books. Follow me...

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The Future of Art || Business Basics w/ Jeremy Kobus

Episode #23

My mentor Jeremy Kobus came on the show to talk about designing businesses with humans in mind (instead of profit). We got a little bit sidetracked…but we promise it connects.Link to Kings of Leon NFT story.Topics:How...
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Self-Determined Education w/ Miriam Swords Kalk

Episode #22

My guest today is Miriam Swords Kalk, sister of our guest from Episode 6, Sam Kalk. This episode is a connection between some of the favorite subjects of previous episodes like Self-Determination Theory which we...
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Is Modern Yoga Bullshit?

Episode #21

Aaron and I talk about existential threats, accidentally becoming a Superwarrior at work, and bring some clarity to why modern yoga may not be as good for you as you think.For my Dallas listeners, Aaron will be...
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Judaism w/ Rabbi Baruch Hecht

Episode #20

My relationship to Judaism is not what you might expect with an episode title like this. I have been trying to steer my guests away from Judaism since I started this podcast, but that has caused me to live...
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Building Community w/ Jacob Schnitzer

Episode #19

This ep is really about leadership (which is what it takes to build a community - whether personally, professionally, or otherwise). Ryan is joined by the Co-Artistic Director and Conductor of Density512, a...
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Trauma w/ Chris Jones

Episode #18

Trauma is a part of everyone's story. You shouldn't shy away from healing just because your trauma doesn't look like the person's next to you. Jump in to this shockingly lighthearted episode about a subject that seems...
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Radical Candor (Feedback) w/ Brett Sharp

Episode #17

It is what it is... Until it becomes what you make it. While most of our discussion revolves around the workplace, all of this is applicable to all parts of life.Join Brett and I as we talk about:Intentionality of...
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420 Special w/ Saskia VannJames

Episode #16

Lots of learning to be done on this major holiday!!
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QOTD 1 w/ Eric

(Questions of the Day) Eric and I revisit some of our most classic conundrums.Here are the topics of these questions:Does Your Personality Stabilize at 25?Religion for the Society vs the IndividualPerspectives of...
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Becoming Yourself w/ Nichole Sylvester

Episode #15

WARNING: Stories of traumatic abuse. Listener discretion is advised. Nichole tells us how her experiences shaped who she was, who she became, and who she is now. This episode is all about authenticity.Here are some of...
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Break Ups w/ Ashley

Welcome to the first legit episode of Don't Forget to Be a Human! Ashley is back for the third week in a row, somehow. This time you get to actually be entertained by her brain.  It'd be a great help if you could fill...
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The Future of Education w/ Coach Rudy

Episode #14

What is this? An episode where Ryan is talking about education, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence... again? Yup. This one is a bit different, because I have the magnificent Coach Rudy on doing it for me! He is...
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