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You Can Take Control of Your Life.


Do you feel like you are constantly in the same patterns in relationships, work, or daily life? Does it feel like there could be something better but you just keep sabotaging yourself? Or maybe you are just stuck? Could it be that your depression, anxiety, or ADHD prevent you from living a life of happiness and fulfillment?

A few years ago, I was in my usual cycle of depression. Since age 13, I would have cycles of depression lasting nine months out of the year, but this time (plus ADHD and consistent anxiety year round), I had just gone through a breakup, lost some very close friendships, and had absolutely no interest in my job trajectory. I did everything I could to keep myself distracted from the pain, but I felt completely without control over my life. It is a scary thing to not have control. Luckily, at a point, someone asked me the very sagely question below.

I realized I needed to get to know myself more to get unstuck. I decided to take the reigns and start controlling my life instead of letting it control me. This, of course, was a many years-long process full of failure, confusion, loneliness, and being lost often.

That winding road brought me to studying neuropsychology and human-centered systems design at the same time. I looked back on my years of learning, growing, and getting unstuck and realized that the process didn't have to be so long and arduous. So, I took what I learned over many years of internal work, and designed the Metacognitive Reprocessing system so that I could help you get unstuck without years of therapy or reading self-help books.

Welcome to Metacognitive Reprocessing.

Metacognitive Reprocessing is my 3-step roadmap for getting unstuck and moving forward towards the life that you are trying to live.

Finding Clarity

How can you be in control of your life if you don't know the life you are trying to control? The first step of the Metacognitive Reprocessing roadmap is to understand yourself as your entire being. You truly have to know yourself in the context of the 8 pillars of relationship before you can start understanding your own needs and opportunities. These 8 pillars that we explore are your brain's:

As you discover more about yourself, you will begin to discover the connection between your thoughts and your emotions, your emotions and your actions.

Removing Emotional Baggage

You may have the experience of thinking "Why do I do this?" or worse, "I know why I do this, but nothing is changing." This familiarity is because your experiences are controlled by your unconscious mind 95% of the time, and your unconscious mind is controlled by your emotions. These emotions show themselves in many forms like depression (sadness), anxiety (fear), and frustration (anger), but at their base, they are:

If your unconscious (and especially your conscious) mind is full of limiting beliefs and negative emotions, then those are what will be in control!

In the Finding Clarity step of the roadmap, we discover the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that drive the choices you make and the actions you take.

In the Removing Emotional Baggage step, we reprocess the way your brain experiences these emotions so that your old patterns and trauma don't continue to hold you back.

Creating Momentum

Once old patterns are broken and the things holding you back have been reprocessed, you have to create new patterns and engage with new emotions to replace them. This is where we develop an individualized approach to gaining momentum towards the goals you have been trying to achieve. Just like my clients that have found success in finding fulfilling work, become self-sufficient artists that don't have to have another job, and become happy in the relationships they were scared to lose, you will gain all of the mental, emotional, and technical skills to do feel empowered with me.

I Want To Take Control of My Life

I am in Control of my Brain and my Life.


If you aren't feeling in control, or you are feeling stuck, you have two options:

  1. Continue to suffer.
  2. Take matters into your own hands.

Click the button below if you are ready to choose better. No good is going to come to those who choose to continue suffering.

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