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Another White Man Starts a Podcast

emotional intelligence eq book club podcast Nov 14, 2020
Ryan Hance - AG Sage
Another White Man Starts a Podcast
I know this trope has been played out an exhausting amount, but here we are again. 
Here is my reasoning:
I am starting this podcast, because – like most men who grew up with stoic, emotionally stunted, and/or unavailable fathers and grandfathers – I believed for most of my teenage years that I didn’t even have emotions. After discovering their existence, I certainly did not know what to do with them. Even worse, I discovered OTHER PEOPLE HAVE THEM TOO. A hard day for a man when he must admit his ignorance and choose to be better than he was the day before. If you have started your journey, no matter your gender, you may know that it doesn’t get any easier. Instead, life gets increasingly more fulfilling as you choose to live with understanding of yourself and others, choosing integrity and grace. Which – as any of my guests will tell you – is well worth the work you have to put in to get there.
So now, I strive to be the teacher I needed when I was growing into myself, and I believe in many ways and for many people, I have become that. But I also love to continue my own learning journey and am aware that there are teachers I continue to need on a regular basis. A lot of these teachers have become friends and acquaintances of mine, and I want to share these wonderful people with you. I could never share their truths and would only be able to regurgitate a small percentage of their insights. So, this podcast is an opportunity for me to capture and disseminate the stories and insights that others may need that will be much more interesting and impactful not coming from me.
Welcome to the EQ Book Club.
Let me first say; Don’t worry. It’s not an actual book club. You don’t need to keep up with any reading. The “book club” only references my love for reading about the psychology of the self and our relationships with others. I will also be asking guests for book recommendations related to our discussions during each episode. The “EQ” in the title stands for Emotional Intelligence Quotient. Just like your IQ (intelligence quotient) or CQ (cultural intelligence quotient), your EQ is a measure of your ability of understanding your relationship with your self and others.
Emotional Intelligence is broken into four parts:
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management
We will be diving deeper into the basics of emotional intelligence soon.
If you believe there is anything you have left to learn about yourself or how you interact with others, I hope you’ll be willing to take a peek into this journey with me by listening to the first two episodes on Tuesday, November 17, wherever you get your podcasts.

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